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WP Series—PVC Water Base Ink

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WP Series—PVC Water Base Ink

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WP type - PVC ink is developed by the company itself, safe and environmentally friendly. This product is mainly suitable for printing PVC decorative materials and PVC/raincoat film.

Product Features:

●The heat is not changed within 180 °C.

● Faster than 7 grades.

●Second hot melt bonding with super strong adhesion.

●The surface layer of the printed film is not damaged, and the film is arbitrarily stretched and shaped.

●Printed and laminated products are resistant to -40 ° C freezing, boiled at 100 ° C for half an hour without delamination.

● No migration additives.

● Storage temperature is above 4 °C.

Product Category:

● WP-R functional heat-bonded nano-aqueous emulsion.

● WP-L non-migrating aqueous superfluorinated nano wax emulsion.

● WP-C medium type high concentration water-based color paste.

WP heat-bonded water-based ink:

●WP-000 thinner    WP-101 white             WP-201 original yellow

● WP-307 red         WP-303 original red    WP-401 original blue

●WP-308 Orange   WP-701 Green             WP-601 Purple

● WP-301 pink       WP-801 black               WP-138 golden


WP-Y waterborne optical anti-counterfeiting particles:

●WP-Y Blue WP-Y Red WP-Y Green WP-Y Orange

● WP-R functional heat-bonding nano-aqueous emulsion: water-based heat-bonding ink connecting resin, super hot melt adhesion.

● WP-L non-migrating waterborne superfluorinated nano wax emulsion: special wax paste for water-based heat-bonding ink, high wear resistance and anti-blocking.

● WP-C medium high-concentration water-based color paste: special for water-based heat-bonding ink, does not contain any migration aids.

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Contact : Mr. Tan  13631486571

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Website : en.kzinks.com

Address:No.2, keji 2nd road, xingtan industrial zone, 

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