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WF Series—Water Base Composite Ink

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WF Series—Water Base Composite Ink

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WF type - general-purpose composite ink is developed by the company itself, safe and environmentally friendly. This product is mainly used for printing in OPP, PET, NY and CPP, and is used for composite packaging of food, medicine, pesticide and seed.

Product Features:

●Themed water-based products are effective in reducing VOC emissions for gravure and letterpress printing.

● Suitable for dry complex and solvent-free composite processes. No plasticizer, no heavy metals and ketone, ester solvent.

● Halogen content ≤ 1500ppm, detected by national mouse disease.

Product Category:

● WF-L light-package water-based composite ink: suitable for two-layer structure light package printing.

● WF-H water-resistant boiled and cooked composite ink: meets 121 ° C / 30 min cooking requirements.

Instructions for use:

● It is recommended that the white full version is 15-20μm deep, and the shallow mesh level is 0-30 μm deep. The content is 50% or less and the alcohol is diluted within 50%.

● When the printing speed is lower than 100m/min, the diluted alcohol content should be higher than 50% to meet the printing effect.

●Composite aluminized structure packaging, adding 1/3 dilution agent to the white ink in the printing process will effectively improve the compound whiteness and fullness.

● After printing, it is cured at room temperature for 24 hours to achieve water resistance.

WF universal composite water based ink:

●WF-000 thinner                            WF-101 white

● WF-201 primary color yellow     WF-303 primary color red

●WF-401 primary color blue         WF-701 green

●WF-601 Purple                            WF-301 Pink

●WF-801 black                              WF-901 green gold

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