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Water based gravure paper ink

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Water based gravure paper ink

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N10 water series—Water based gravure paper ink

N10 series·Gravure water-based paper ink for the company's own development, safety and environmental protection, suitable for gravure rotary printing. This product is mainly suitable for white cowhide, yellow cattle hide and other kinds of paper substrate, can be diluted with pure water printing, especially suitable for food, tea and other high requirements for green packaging.

I. Product features:

1, high concentration and low viscosity, high gloss, good leveling

2, good printing adaptability, ink fatigue resistance

3, Good water resistance, abrasion resistance and high temperature resistance

4, with water or alcohol as diluent, safety and environmental protection, reduce VOCs emissions

Ii. Applicable substrate:

White cowhide, cattle hide and other types of paper substrate

Note: please pass full test before use.

Iii. Technical indicators

Depth of the network


Relative humidity of workshop


Air volume per unit


Oven temperature


Note: please pass the full test before use. The actual parameters should be determined according to the equipment situation, production environment and customer requirements.

Iv. Instructions:

Dilution ratio

Diluent class

Quick dry


Slow dry

Pure water









Printing viscosity

White ink


The color


3 # zahn cup (25 ℃), viscosity according to the depth of the plate, printing speed accordingly.

Note: the ratio of diluent and printing viscosity shall be determined according to printing equipment, climatic conditions and other factors. Please pass the full test before use.

V. matters needing attention:



The main points of


Stir before using the

Before use should be fully stirred, so that the ink has good mobility.


Avoid mixed

Our ink system is unique and cannot be mixed with other types of ink to avoid unnecessary losses caused by incompatibility.


Oven conditions

1, ensure that the oven into the air and exhaust air to be large, exhaust air system is normal, negative pressure environment in the oven (the hot air in the oven can not blow on the printing plate) to ensure the rapid discharge of moisture and moisture;

2, set in the oven temperature of 65 ℃ to 80 ℃, in printing base material can withstand the range, the temperature should increase as far as possible, is advantageous for the ink dry.


To prevent the boards

1, the oven hot air can not be blown on the plate, to avoid ink blocking version;

2, replace the substrate or temporarily stop, please keep the plate roll in the ink tank rotation;

3. In the process of printing, if the machine is switched on again after stopping the plate for a long time, the plate roller can be rotated in the ink tank for a few minutes and the plate can be wiped with solvent or ink in the ink tank to continue printing.


Version roller clean

After printing, please clean the plate roller with ethanol and brush the anti-rust oil for normal use next time.


Residual ink recovery

At the end of printing, the remaining ink should be packed in a clean plastic drum, the mouth of the drum must be sealed, and the filter should be used again.

Note: the above data is obtained by our company only, and the result will not be the same according to the different materials and processing conditions, please confirm before use.

Vi. Storage and packaging

Storage: placed in ventilation shade (5 ℃ to 35 ℃) seal preservation, fire prevention is prevented bask in, avoid the rain and pollution, one year warranty.

Packing: plastic drum packing, 18KG/ drum, 20KG/ drum, 25KG/ drum, 50KG/ drum.

Notice to users: the data in this paper are based on the results of internal production and experiment of the company. Users should make full tests before use to ensure that the products meet the requirements of their own use and master the correct use method of the products. Due to the unforeseeable and uncontrollable use conditions of the products, the information in this paper is only for the user's reference, not as a basis for quality assurance, and the user shall not be jointly and severally liable for the results of the use of the products.凹版水性纸张油墨

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