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Alcohol solvent based gravure lamination ink

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Alcohol solvent based gravure lamination ink

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LC82 series alcohol-soluble integrated composite inks are designed for the printing and packaging industry facing cost, environmental protection, convenience, etc., with a wide range of from low speed to high speed printing suitability, printing gloss, good adhesion, composite (dry, solvent-free) performance, the product is mainly ethanol as a diluent, safe and sanitary.

I. Applicable base material:

●Polyester (PET) film: treatment 50 dyne;

●Nylon (NY) film: treatment 52 dyne;

●Polypropylene (BOPP) film: treatment 38 dyne;

For other film printing, please consult our technical department.

Ii. Product features:

●Can be diluted with a single solvent (such as ethanol), easy to operate, low cost.

●Suitable for a variety of thin film printing processing.

●No benzene, ketone solvent pollution, improve the printing environment.

●Printing solvent residue is very low, in line with food packaging health and environmental requirements.

●Good color reproduction and long time printing stability.

Iii. Thinner:

The drying 


The name of the solvent

Quick dry


Slow dry







propyl ester






●Users can adjust the solvent ratio according to printing speed, plate depth, climate and environment.

Iv. Printing viscosity:                                     

●White ink: 3 ﹟ zahn cup 11 ~ 15 seconds / 25 ℃

●Color: 3 ﹟ zahn cup 12 ~ 16 seconds / 25 ℃

Specific viscosity, users can be based on the depth of the plate and printing speed and other conditions to make corresponding adjustments.

V. Matters needing attention:

●Ink should be fully stirred before use, so that it has a good liquidity.

●Reduce the ink concentration, please use diluent or ink.

●This product shall not be mixed with other types of inks to avoid affecting the printing quality and composite properties.

●In the use of less ink on the printing, due to long-term contact with air and water, ink will produce thickening, blocking and light color phenomenon, in order to reduce this phenomenon, it is recommended to use the least amount of ink on the machine, the use of slow drying solvent, and constantly add new ink.

●If the customer needs to color, please pay attention to the color stability of the mixed ink. If a variety of ink usage is small (such as: less than 10%), you must verify light resistance and stability are qualified before use.

●The use of gold, silver ink, should avoid the use of cover material and thermal sealing parts, otherwise it is easy to cause the reduction of thermal sealing fastness and peeling strength.

●Due to the common peach, purple ink and the corresponding special color ink easy to produce color penetration, migration, fading and other phenomena, the user is advised to choose the corresponding non-penetration ink, the user to order and use ink to take full consideration, if there is any unknown, please consult the technical department of the company.

●Not suitable for cooking, boiling, sterilization of food packaging.

* note: the data in this paper are based on the company's internal and production results, and users should fully understand whether it meets their specific requirements before use, and conduct sufficient tests on the printed materials to ensure the correct use of the products. Due to the unpredictability or control of the user's product and use conditions, the data in this paper shall not be taken as the basis for quality assurance, and shall not bear any joint and several liability for the results of the post-processing and application of the product.


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