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Gravure PET film matt varnish

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Gravure PET film matt varnish

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LC88-900f (B) matte oil is specially designed for PET table printing, with a wide range of printing suitability from low speed to high speed, no benzene solvent, low odor, in line with food packaging health requirements and environmental requirements.

I. Applicable base material:

●Polyester (PET) film: surface tension 48 dyne;

Ii. Product features:

●The printing surface is smooth with good matte effect;

●Good adhesion, friction resistance, scratch resistance and adhesion resistance;

●Good water resistance (100 ℃, 1 h)

●With high temperature resistance (dark) (220 ℃. 3 kg/C ㎡. 0.3 S) heat sealing, non-stick knife, not powder, no crease.

Iii. Thinner:

The drying speed

The name of the solvent

Full printing

Skylight printing

Ethyl acetate (%)



N-propyl acetate (%)



Isopropanol (%)



Propylene glycol methyl ether acetate (%)


●Users do version depth advice (40um-45um), dumb enough, our company has medium dumb, high dumb and so on.

Iv. Printing viscosity:                                      

Zahn 3 # cup 17 ~ 19 seconds / 25 ℃

Specific viscosity, users can be based on the depth of the plate and printing speed and other conditions to make corresponding adjustments.

V. Matters needing attention:

●Suggested natural curing after printing, then examines, the compound aged after 50 to 60 ℃ for 24 hours, room temperature placed after the bag again.

●Curing agent addition is usually 10%-11% of the weight of the original ink, adding diluted ink after rapid mixing.

●N-butanol, butyl acetate has a big smell, should ensure that printing materials to dry, try not to use, avoid printing solvent residue too high.

●The humidity on the printing site should not be too high, and ventilation should be maintained. Avoid excessive humidity caused by ink thickening precipitation and printing ink layer surface absorption of moisture in the air, resulting in the ink layer surface flour and no adhesion.

●For other requirements, please contact our technical department.

●Ink must be sealed and stored in a cool place, effective shelf life of three months, diluted ink use as soon as possible, to avoid long storage.

●After the addition of curing agent, the remaining dumb oil should be stored as thin as possible (it can be stored for one month) to prevent solidification. Filter it before use next time, and then add 1%~2% curing agent or an appropriate amount of new dumb oil for normal use.

* note: the data in this paper are based on the company's internal and production results, and users should fully understand whether it meets their specific requirements before use, and conduct sufficient tests on the printed materials to ensure the correct use of the products. Due to the unpredictability or control of the user's products and conditions of use, the data herein shall not be used as a basis for quality assurance, and shall not be held jointly and severally liable for the results resulting from the post-processing and application of the products.


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Contact : Mr. Tan  13631486571

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