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The difference between PET matte oil and polish oil!

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The difference between PET matte oil and polish oil!

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Waterborne matte oil has good surface brushing performance and is suitable for coating machine, flexible plate machine and offset printing machine.It also has good water resistance (after completely drying).

Water-based matte oil can be used when water dilution, the proportion of polish oil: water =10:3.

Mb-805 is a water-based environmental protection online matte oil, with excellent matte, good wear resistance, good transparency, fast drying, printing suitability.It has good wetting and leveling property for wet press and wet press dry printing, and the printing machine is easy to clean.Water-based matte oil and water-based compound ink meet the national and eu environmental protection standards and pass the eu ROHS inspection. They are applicable to food packaging, footwear, electronic appliances, medicine, tobacco and wine and other high-end packaging.This varnish is used for on - line glazing as well as offline glazing.

Varnish, a kind of synthetic resin, usually refers to the surface of the transparent varnish, base material and additives, without any pigment, film after shining, commonly known as varnish, UV varnish and PU varnish.

PET dumb light oil


1. As a transparent protective paint, its hardness and abrasion resistance are better than the color paint, playing a protective role.2. As a handle paint, its luminosity and brightness are very good, and it feels good to the touch.For example, PU paint sprayed on silicone parts and UV paint sprayed on plastic parts are PET matte oil.The earliest varnish was tung oil, which at that time had no synthetic resin, only earth paint, raw paint and so on.In a lot of places in the countryside, brush tung oil besmear directly on the thing such as the cask that does newly, wooden basin, have waterproof, protection, adornment effect.At that time, the use of tung oil is quite wide, the painter used tung oil processing in furniture, architecture, art and many other industries. 

Composition: varnish;Clear coating coating is commonly known as fanlishui.A type of paint that contains no coloring matter.The main ingredients are resins and solvents or resins, oils and solvents.After being applied to the surface of an object, a film with protective, decorative and special properties is formed. The film of varnish is transparent.Varnish is divided into thermosetting varnish and thermoplastic varnish two categories.Used for coating furniture, floor, doors and Windows and cars, etc.Also may join the pigment to make the enamel, or joins the dye to make the colored varnish.A transparent paint without pigment.Commonly known as "fan li water".Made from resin, linseed oil or turpentine, etc.Coating on the surface of the object, dry forming a smooth film, showing the original surface patterns.Mainly used for painting furniture, doors and Windows, bicycles and so on.It is also used to make enamels and impregnating appliances.Divides the oil base varnish and the resin varnish two kinds. 

Classification: there are ester gum varnish, phenolic varnish, alkyd varnish, nitrocellulose varnish, shellac varnish, asphalt varnish, epoxy varnish and so on.Good luster, fast film formation, wide use.

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