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Detailed overview of the PET printing industry

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Detailed overview of the PET printing industry

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Polyester film overview

Polyester film, namely polyethylene terephthalate film, is a film made by drying, melting, extrusion, casting and stretching with high-quality polyester chips as the main raw material and advanced technological formula.Polyester film has been widely used in many fields since it was developed by i. c.i. in 1948 and DUPONT in the United States in 1953.Polyester film of different USES has different requirements for raw materials and additives as well as processing technology, and its thickness and technical indicators are also different.Water-based printing inks can be divided into the following two types according to the different stretching processes used in the production of polyester film: unidirectional stretching polyester film is a film made by drying, melting, extrusion, casting and longitudinal stretching of polyester chips as raw materials.Unidirectional stretch polyester film is the lowest grade and price in polyester film. It is mainly used in pharmaceutical tablet packaging, accounting for about 5% of the output of polyester film with less usage.Biaxial stretch polyester film is a balanced film produced from polyester chips after drying, melting, extrusion, casting, and then stretching vertically and horizontally.As a new type of industrial material with excellent physical and chemical properties and continuous modification, bidirectional stretch polyester film has been widely used in many fields, and continues to expand the application field following the pace of social development.Due to the narrow application field and less usage of unidirectional stretch polyester film, the bidirectional stretch polyester film is widely used and has excellent performance.Therefore, the current polyester film production is generally used in the biaxial stretch technology, polyester film generally refers to the biaxial stretch ester film.

Gravure water - based plastic compound ink

Overview of industrial chain

The main raw material of polyester film is polyester chip, and the raw material of polyester chip is crude oil.After a certain process, the crude oil was refined into PX (paraxylene), which was used as raw material to generate PTA (refined terephthalic acid), and PTA and MEG (ethylene glycol) were polymerized to produce PET (polyethylene terephthalate, abbreviated as polyester).More than 90% of the world's PTA is used to produce PET.Producing 1 ton PET requires 0.85-0.86 ton PTA and 0.33-0.34 ton MEG.Polyester is widely used in packaging materials, electronic information, electrical insulation, card protection, image film, hot stamping foil, solar applications, optics, aviation, construction, agriculture and other production fields.In recent years, the global polyester film industry is in a period of rapid development, with more and more functional products with special performance, on behalf of high-tech, high value-added high-end products has become the industry development target.Major companies in the world have increased industrial investment, fighting for market share, China's polyester film industry integration, gravure water-based paper ink scale is also rapidly expanding, and plays an important role in the national economy and social development.Domestic BOPET film consumption level is relatively low, with the rapid development of China's economy and the gradual improvement of consumer level, as well as the application of new products and new technologies, China's polyester film consumer market has a huge potential for development.The global mylar market, published in August 2008 by Frost&Sullivan, a us strategy consultancy, puts China's mylar market behind Western Europe with sales of about $790m in 2006.However, the market in China is still in the early stages of rapid growth, and the rapid development of the packaging and electronics and electrical appliance industries in China has provided a strong impetus for the mylar market.China is expected to overtake the us, Japan and Western Europe as the world's largest mylar market in 2010, with sales expected to rise to $1.62bn in 2013 at an average annual growth rate of 11.4 per cent.According to the use of polyester film, can be divided into ordinary packaging polyester film and other industrial areas with polyester film.The thickness of ordinary polyester film used for packaging is generally 8-75&micro.Between m and m, the polyester film used in other industrial fields is mainly medium-thick special polyester film, and the thickness is generally 75&micro.M above.

Gravure water-based paper ink

Thick type of special polyester film subdivision industry compared with the ordinary packing polyester film industry segment, a larger difference between the two: (1) the polyester film production line is composed of a variety of equipment, the whole production process is longer, the temperature, humidity and speed of the each link of the process requirement is more complex, 60% polyester film production of the main technology embodied in the production equipment.Ordinary wrapping polyester film, and the principle of production line of line of thick, but there are still a large, different equipment manufacturers of these two kinds of production technology to master degree have larger gap, leading to ordinary packing thin film and thick film in different development path: (1) ordinary wrapping polyester film production line technology in the hands of equipment manufacturers, technology is mature.Equipment manufacturers for their own interests, have a strong drive sales production equipment unceasingly, namely, in order to be able to realize their interests, through improving the degree of automation and production of polyester film production line speed, to phase out the old and new devices, forced polyester film makers to continue to invest a lot of money updating the existing machinery, expand, causing polyester film overcapacity in crisis.In the thick specifications of polyester film production line technology, equipment manufacturers can not fully grasp.Polyester film manufacturers need to purchase different equipment from different equipment suppliers according to the requirements of product specifications, and then conduct assembly, transformation and development by themselves.Thick specifications in the polyester film production technology, therefore, mainly in the hands of polyester film producers, polyester film producers for their own interests protection, not will has its own characteristic production equipment widely, but only in the internal production, expand reproduction, upgrades, and special functional thin film production equipment in the thick of key technology flow speed slow, small range, effectively protect the interests of the film makers.(2) the ordinary packing polyester film and thick model the market demand characteristics of special polyester film is different, make the two industry segment intensity present different elements: (1) ordinary packing demand of polyester film, have the requirement of mass production, can spend large sum of money to buy equipment, entry barriers only reflect on the capital investment, belongs to the capital-intensive industries.(2) in the thick specifications of special industrial polyester film applications in a wide range of areas, a single customer demand is relatively small, but personalized demand is more obvious, so the product price is relatively high.Through debugging equipment, using the same production line to produce different specifications, different USES of products is the core competitiveness of medium and thick specifications of polyester thin industrial enterprises, the industry entry technical barriers are high, the cost of the same industry enterprises across technical barriers is also high, belong to capital-intensive and technology-intensive industries.Based on the analysis of the polyester film industry, the development of China's polyester film industry has some disadvantages.In the development of China's polyester film industry in recent years, domestic enterprises in the construction of polyester film production line lack of product production, research and development planning, blind introduction of polyester film production line, invested a lot of money in the introduction of Germany, France, Japan and other countries of the ordinary thin film production line.In the same period, most of the imported equipment is the repetition of the same configuration production line. Compared with the equipment introduced in the early stage, the advantage of the equipment introduced in the later stage is only reflected in the improvement of automation degree and production speed.Domestic polyester film manufacturers simply seek to increase the output, but seriously neglect to improve the level of differentiated configuration of production lines, resulting in that most of the existing domestic production lines can only produce the thickness of 8-75µMost of the films produced by general-purpose mylar products between m can only be used for general flexible packaging purposes, and cannot produce differentiated and high-value-added special functional mylar products.As a result, the domestic supply of general polyester film products exceeds the demand, and the special polyester film products in short supply of embarrassing situation.Compared with domestic polyester film production companies, foreign counterparts are generally not the introduction of complete sets of equipment, such as dupont, teijin, Japan toray, Korea SKC company, etc., according to their own conditions of production technology and understanding of the polyester film market demand, to the different equipment supplier purchasing equipment, and self assembly, innovation, development, production on behalf of the new and high technology, high value-added specialty functional polyester film.

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