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Detailed classification of gravure printing inks

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Detailed classification of gravure printing inks

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Gravure printing ink is composed of binders, pigments, mixed solvents and auxiliaries.This paper mainly introduces the plastic flexible packaging dosage, the most widely used three typical ink.

Polyamide table

The binder is polyamide, mainly used for PE film, pearl BOPP, hot sealing BOPP surface printing.But ordinary polyamide surface printing ink is not resistant to oil, high temperature, so can not be used in cosmetics, oil content of food packaging and high temperature packaging.It is also not suitable for gravure water-based plastic surface printing ink, because the polyamide surface tension is low, printing ink or two-component polyamide adhesive on its wetting.

Gravure water - based plastic table printing ink

In the use of table printing ink, must pay attention to table printing product solvent residue, if the ink can not be completely dry, in the environment of temperature, humidity, pressure and other adverse conditions, easy to produce adhesion, therefore, table printing when the ink is completely dry, and winding tension is not too big.

Table printing ink in alcohol, benzene mixed solvents in good solubility, ester solubility, so table printing ink should be alcohol, benzene, ester mixed solvents.The optimal solvent proportion is toluene, xylene 40%, toluene 10%, isopropanol 50%.

Chlorinated polypropylene

Chlorinated polypropylene composite ink is often used in BOPP and matting film, but there is a narrow application.Poor heat resistance, resin itself is not strong acid and other defects.

Its diluents are mainly ketones, lipids, benzene (usually butanone, ethyl acetate, toluene), generally do not add alcohol solvents.General water - based ink solvents to toluene, the best solvent ratio for ethyl acetate 40%, toluene 30%, butanone 30%

The polyurethane

Polyurethane printing ink is mainly used for NY, PET film vacuum packaging or cooking packaging.Curing agent must be added for large area printing.Ink and curing agent must use the same manufacturer's products.

Ink company in order to adapt to the requirements of plastic printing ink without benzene, has introduced a modified benzene and ketone ink, mainly ethyl acetate, propyl acetate as the main solvent, usually add 30% butanone can improve the printing of the ink.

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