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Introduction and classification of plastic ink

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Introduction and classification of plastic ink

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Printing ink for plastic film is mainly suitable for Printing on rotary intaglio presses.The substrate is qualified polyethylene film, polypropylene film and polyester film processed by corona discharge, flame and other methods.

Good quality plastic ink must meet the following conditions:

Plastic water-based compound ink is suitable for printing, strong adhesion fastness to plastic film, fast drying, bright color and luster.

Plastic ink is volatile drying type, depending on the type of printing, printing machine speed can be 40-160 m/min.

Gravure water - based plastic table printing ink


Plastic gravure ink

Plastic gravure ink is generally used for printing PE, PP, OPP, NY and other plastic film ink, but also can be printed composite soft packaging, as long as the printing layout does not have a large color block after rewinding cold air test, composite odor and fastness is still basic.Plastic gravure table printing ink is mainly made of binders, polyamide resin, plus pigment and additives after grinding and filtering.Polyamide resin softening point control at 121 degrees, otherwise due to low resin softening point in the rainy season printing will appear adhesion.The resin with high softening point will be frozen when used in winter.Plastic gravure table printing ink solvent is toluene, isopropanol, xylene, butanol and so on.Can also add some ester solvent to adjust the viscosity of the ink.Toluene and isopropanol are fast drying solvents.Xylene, butanol is a slow drying solvent.In the use of butanol should pay attention to, if the ink drying too fast, resulting in the loss of text dot, appropriate to add butanol to make the ink reproduction force is good, small characters and dot clear, but add more will cause the ink dry, especially in the mildew season will appear in the printed matter adhesion reverse adhesion.Gravure water plastic compound ink, also known as compound ink, is printed in the substrate of the ink.The ink binder is mainly chlorinated polypropylene resin, it printing OPP, PET, NY film adhesion.After compound, black ink sandwiched in the inner layer, is the printing of high-grade plastic soft bag ink.The main solvents used in its dilution are toluene, acetone, butanone and ethyl acetate, etc.Methyl ethyl ketone, toluene, ethyl acetate is a fast - drying solvent, butanone is a slow - drying solvent.This kind of ink must not add alcohol solvent, or ink will deteriorate.

Gravure water - based plastic compound ink

Water-based plastic ink

PS special ink

PS special ink is mainly used in polystyrene (PS).At the same time, it also applies to plexiglass, ABS, PS robe products.

It has high hiding power, non - corrosive substrate and natural volatile drying characteristics.In normal temperature conditions, the table dry only 15 to 30 minutes, dry 6 to 10 hours.Diluent can choose Ⅱ special agent.

High gloss PP ink

High-gloss PP ink is mainly used in PP sheet and its products.

It has the characteristics of free treatment, high gloss, good adhesion, high surface hardness, scratch resistance and so on.Thinner, can use Ⅰ dedicated.

PET plastic ink

It is widely used in the labeling industry.Mainly suitable for PET adhesive, decal industry, water transfer industry printing.

It can cover varnish, bright colors, environmental protection and other characteristics.Comply with eu ROSH directive.Different diluents should be selected according to the temperature.

PVC ink

Mainly suitable for PVC sheet, pipe, sheet, PC, ABS, blowing toy, acrylic, paper, wood, nylon.Diluents also need to be selected according to different temperatures.

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