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Environmental protection requirements and precautions for environmental protection ink

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Environmental protection requirements and precautions for environmental protection ink

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Four steps to environmental protection

Previously, environmental protection is only relative, but for the use of the largest offset printing ink, its contribution to environmental protection has not stopped.

The first generation of environmental protection products - heavy metal standards

This has been done for many years, and of course there are still a few low-priced, low-grade water-based printing inks that contain a lot of heavy metals.

Through printing, heavy metals will remain in the print.The content of heavy metals in dry ink film than in wet ink.Of course, it may not be harmful if you don't have direct contact with food, but in fact, it is very difficult to avoid.

So the general offset printing ink heavy metal standard, is the first step to achieve ink environmental protection.

Alcohol - soluble composite ink

The second generation of environmental protection products - no aromatic hydrocarbons

Ordinary conventional gravure water - based plastic table printing ink solvent is mineral oil.Some mineral oils contain high levels of aromatic solvents, which tend to evaporate to a pungent odour. Although aromatic hydrocarbons are almost non-existent in completely dry prints, the market still expects environmentally friendly products.

As a result, in some high-grade ink, has been basically replaced by completely non-aromatic hydrocarbon mineral oil.

The third generation of environmental protection products - soybean oil - based ink

Ink mineral oil aromatic hydrocarbons reduced or disappeared, still can not avoid the VOC impact, so part of the mineral oil is replaced by soybean oil soya oil-based ink.Due to the relative reduction of VOC, the air pollution in the printing shop will also be reduced, but there is still a small amount of mineral oil.

The fourth generation of environmental protection products -- low VOC ink (VOC<1%)

Its contribution to environmental protection than water - based ink and UV ink.Discarded prints can be recycled, and even when they are, they break down more easily in nature than other inks.Therefore, can be regarded as the most environmentally friendly ink.

Shanghai yaying ink co., ltd. has been marketing the GQ600 series of the fourth-generation environment-friendly ink since 2005, which is now mainly sold in the United States.

No corona BOPP matte oil

Attention to details of life

Although the environmental protection of ink is growing, but pay attention to even change the habits of life, in order to get rid of ink pollution.RoHS environmental label

As a result of the solvent volatile ink, in the printed matter is mainly pigments, resins and additives, if it is used for food and drug packaging printed matter, it is best not to contact with food directly.Because the oil in food, alcohol and esters (wine, spices) may be the ink in the resin solution.Then the food may be contaminated by resin and pigments.In particular, solvent - based, water - based volatile drying ink is more likely to be re - dissolved.UV ink may be a little better, because it is photocurable, unlike offset printing ink, the oxidation of conjunctiva drying, after drying is less likely to be re - dissolved.

People in reading newspapers and books, to overcome the fingers from the tongue dip into the bad habit of saliva, so as not to put ink into the mouth.

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