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Environmental ink standards and its development

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Environmental ink standards and its development

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Environmental printing ink

With a series of non-aromatic solvent ink (such as alcohol, ester-soluble ink), water-based ink, UV ink, water-based printing ink, soy-based ink and other environmental ink has been launched, ink environmental protection is gradually deepening.


So to see whether an ink belongs to environmental ink, generally consider the following points:

Heavy metal content

The concept was first proposed in Germany, where children often put ink-printed toys in their mouths, potentially accidentally absorbing heavy metals.Heavy metals are mainly from the ink pigments and additives, most of the ink has reduced the heavy metal content, but until now there are still people with chrome yellow, chrome red to make ink.

Aromatic solvent

Mainly refers to toluene, xylene, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and their derivatives.They will be accompanied by the drying ink volatilization into the air, not only pollution of the air, but also to the health of printing workers.

Volatile organic compounds (VOC)

It has many kinds, such as alcohol, ester, ether, ketone, mineral oil and so on.With aromatic solvent, it will be accompanied by ink drying and volatile, thus polluting the air.

PET dumb light oil

The development of evolution

PET matte oils launched in the Chinese market can be divided into the following categories in chronological order.

Solvent based ink

Ordinary solvent inks generally contain aromatic solvents (toluene, xylene).Some international ink companies are the first to introduce non-aromatic solvent ink in the Chinese market, with alcohol, ester, ether, ketone, gasoline as the solvent, eliminate the potential harm of aromatic solvent.

Currently, solvent based inks for flexographic printing are basically aromatic free, but volatile organic solvents are still abundant, which will affect the air quality of the printing shop.Residual odor in printed matter has been very few, there may be a small amount of odor in composite printed matter, but the surface of printed matter can not be found.

Alcohol - soluble composite ink

Water-based ink

Water - based ink and solvent - based ink, its environmental performance is a step forward.It not only does not contain aromatic hydrocarbon solvent, and VOC also reduced greatly, but still cannot achieve 0 content, still contain a few alcohol, ether, even organic amine kind.It has less impact on the environment, mainly due to air pollution in the workshop.

UV ink

UV offsctdruckereien inks do not contain volatile organic compounds, from this point of view into a big step, more secure than water-based inks.But its drying is done by ultraviolet light.Ultraviolet light can cause skin cancer and can turn oxygen into ozone. Therefore, the drying device of the printing machine should be installed with exhaust equipment to discharge ozone out of the room.Water-based UV ink and water-based ink, there will be a small amount of volatile organic solvents, compared to ordinary UV offset printing ink, its environmental performance is worse.

In fact, the definition of environmental ink is only relative, but for the largest amount of offset printing ink, environmental ink to environmental protection has not stopped.

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