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Future development direction of ink printing industry!

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Future development direction of ink printing industry!

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With the continuous enrichment and expansion of downstream customers, image and text fast printing has become a hot printing flow.Fast print is a traditional printing supplement, belongs to the market segment, both have their own strengths.Prospective industry research institute releases show, graph text fast print presents the following characteristic.

Personalized, customized on demand.With the continuous improvement of people's living standard and consumption level, personalized printing products such as personal calligraphy and painting photographic works, personal postcards, personalized invitations and invitations, personal wall calendar, calendar, holiday CARDS, personalized certificates, etc., have been highlighted in many aspects.In order to meet the needs of different customers personalized printing, water-based ink manufacturers continue to develop and upgrade.

Strong regional, easy to connect with customers digital.Customers will consider the cost of demand, such as transportation, operation time, quality, etc.After comprehensive consideration of these factors will determine by which fast printing enterprises to complete their needs.Print jobs are made into electronic files, all of which are transmitted over high-speed telecommunications.In this way, customers and printing services will be organically linked to improve operational efficiency.

Gravure water - based plastic table printing ink

The business model of picture-text fast printing industry is different from the mass production of traditional printing. It is a service based on printing business and relatively focuses on the company's business promotion, product display and market promotion.In the source of customers, there are generally two main ways, respectively for the door to seek fast printing service of individual customers and enterprises to take the initiative to explore the big customer.Door-to-door demand service individual needs, family needs, on behalf of business needs several categories;Active mining of large customers including a variety of enterprises and institutions, they have a long-term need for publicity and display, the number of products generally higher requirements.

Mature fast printing enterprises can according to the different needs of different customers, to provide different styles, prices, grades of gravure water-based plastic composite ink products.After repeated communication with customers, the front desk staff of kuaiyin company will determine the final production plan, including product style and content, product quantity, product price and delivery time, and then deliver it to the background department for production and processing.In order to cope with the customer's numerous requirements for fast printing products and urgent time requirements, mature fast printing enterprises will set up a 24-hour processing center to ensure that customers can get the products in time.After the end of the service, fast printing enterprises also need to do a good job in after-sales service, tracking evaluation, relationship maintenance and other work.

Image and text fast printing characteristics and operation mode

The forward-looking industry research institute points out that the future printing industry will develop in the following directions:

Printing network.In the face of strong competitiveness and in response to the gradual increase of market customer demand, the network of printing business can simultaneously integrate personalized and market-oriented elements;Using e-commerce platform to quote and communicate with customers, reduce the order manufacturing cycle, have become the trend of the printing industry.

Environmental printing technology as the leading direction.In anhydrous printing, silicone ink is used instead of traditional fountain solution to remove ink, which saves a lot of adjusting time and reduces the waste of printing paper.Second, its unique flat intaglio structure, but also in the control of dot expansion and imaging precision has a better performance.Because anhydrous printing reduces the production of all kinds of waste liquid in printing, it has been advocated by environmental protection.

Gravure water - based plastic compound ink

Monitor cost and environment with data.According to the inventory number to manage and the company's waste classification, through these two aspects to reduce costs and environmental protection.Waste from factories is also being recycled.Japan's advanced enterprise golden sheep eye club in 2005 from 28 kinds of organic solvent was reduced to 26, 2006, reduced from 26 to 24 kinds of organic solvent, organic solvent and reduced from 24 to 2007 10, so far, in the use of organic solvents and 10, and there are several kinds of organic solvent experiment, in order to achieve the purpose of decreasing.

True color printing, wide color gamut printing will be widely used.Currently, customers prefer to reproduce the original color range for printing color.With the use of digital cameras for manuscript input, the widespread use of inkjet printers, as well as the construction of RGB digital workflow system, wide-color printing will be widely used.

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Contact : Mr. Tan  13631486571

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