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Ink industry development situation analysis!

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Ink industry development situation analysis!

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Ink industry major product classification

Ink products can be classified according to different standards such as printing mode, substrate, drying mode and environmental protection.

Classified by printing method:

Ink industry development environment analysis

China has adopted the industrial policy of vigorously supporting and regulating the development of water-based ink industry.At present, the main laws, regulations and policies closely related to the ink industry are:

Ink industry chain analysis

The four main components of ink are: pigments, adhesives (vegetable oils, mineral oils, resins, solvents), fillers and additives.

Pigment ink plays a role in the color, it directly affects the characteristics of some inks;Linker (commonly known as ink) is the main component of ink;Filler is white, transparent, translucent powder material, mainly play a filling role, fill the pigment part, appropriate use of some filler, not only can reduce the amount of pigment, reduce cost, and can adjust the nature of the ink, such as thin, fluidity, but also improve the flexibility of formula design;Additives are used in the manufacture and printing of inks to improve the properties of the inks themselves and some additional materials.According to the basic composition of the ink, in some characteristics still can not meet the requirements, or due to changes in conditions, and can not meet the requirements of printing use, must add a small amount of auxiliary materials to solve.

Gravure water - based plastic table ink

Ink is mainly used in the printing industry.In recent years, with the continuous development of printing technology, a variety of new printing processes have emerged, such as flexographic printing, laser printing, xerography and inkjet printing, as well as the corresponding special ink formula.An obvious requirement for ink is to be able to meet the requirements of the printing method.Naturally, a formula for a special ink is adapted to the way it is printed.

Ink industry development status analysis

With the rapid development of China's packaging industry, China's ink industry has been a greater development.Ten years ago, the main offset printing inks, but now has expanded to gravure printing ink, solvent ink, water-based ink, UV ink, screen printing ink, offset printing ink coexist.Especially in recent years, China's packaging industry in the pursuit of fine printing, but also highlighted the concept of environmental protection, so the relative environmental protection of water-based ink and UV ink series, has been an unprecedented improvement.

Gravure water - based plastic compound ink

China's ink development to today, the number of solvent-based inks is slowly decreasing, offset printing inks remain basically stable, UV series products and water-based inks are on the rise, of which UV series inks growth is the most obvious.This is mainly reflected in the UV ink printing grade is higher, and the choice of equipment more;It can be offset printing, gravure printing, screen printing, flexo printing and other equipment printing.And water-based ink can only be printed in flexo and gravure, because water-based products also need to import high-end equipment to print good effect, and expensive, which is not the general printing house can afford, so the current market is still basically water-based ink, low-end carton.From this point of view, water - based ink to achieve greater development also needs time.

From the perspective of industrial sales market size, the sales revenue in 2013 reached 33.608 billion yuan, up by 10.07% year on year.

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