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Ink industry development of several trends!

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Ink industry development of several trends!

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The development of China's ink industry shows the following trends:

(1) ink industry environmental protection

Printing industry transformation, environmental protection regulations will promote market development.In food, drug packaging gradually by alcohol soluble ink, water - based printing ink instead of ink containing benzene.Accelerate the transformation of ink production environment to the direction of environmental protection development speed is an inevitable trend.At present environmental protection inks relative to traditional inks price is slightly higher, but with the idea of green environmental protection, environmental protection inks continue to improve the quality, output will continue to increase the final price will be reduced, in the future environmental protection inks will get more and more market share.

Gravure water-based paper ink

(2) high-end, sustainable development

Although our country has become the world ink power, but after all, has not become a strong country, compared with developed countries in China's overall level of industry is still a big gap.The lack of influential large enterprises in the world, the concentration of production is not high, the degree of modernization is not high, science and technology research and development investment is too little, low level of redundant construction is too much, the production capacity of low-end products is relatively excessive.In the face of increased labor costs, environmental policy pressure, food safety awareness, and other difficult factors today, gravure water-based paper and ink enterprises must rationally find a new way to improve the comprehensive competitiveness of sustainable development.

(3) development of high value-added ink products

Such as industrial inkjet products, conductive ink, security ink and so on.The variety of ink is more, the use is not the same, and the use of ink printing is also a technology, so the technical services ink is particularly important.Not only requires the service to be familiar with the ink, but also to rough printing technology.If the ink has any advantages, where to use, where the customer, how to use to reflect the advantages of the product.

(4) product diversification

From ink products, to meet the needs of the printing market, rely on scientific and technological progress in China, constantly develop new products, main products are sheet-fed offset printing quick dry ink, for web offset printing ink, gravure ink, soft plate printing ink screen printing inks, printing ink, uv curing ink, water-based ink, anti-counterfeit printing ink, the ink product varieties growing, not only to achieve more than 50, and the quality is more and more high.In general, China's production of ink is mostly medium and low grade ink, and oversupply, some high-grade products and special products to rely on imports.

Gravure water - based plastic table printing ink

(5) non-contact printing represented by inkjet printing and printing technology has a huge application field

Past ink-jet printing industry is the transition from the former home and office ink-jet printing extension to label and barcode, CAD and large image printing, from traditional solvent dye type shift is toward water-based paint, color inkjet printing has been geared to the needs of the market, mainly on inkjet printing equipment of digital proofing near offset printing quality, become the key technology of CTP workflow support, will take the place of traditional offset printing proofing.Occupying the printing and proofing market and catering to the development trend of printing digitization and network, inkjet printing will permeate the broader market in the near future and inject new vitality into the modern printing industry.The advantages of UV ink-jet ink, is that it not only has the advantages of traditional UV technology in economy and technology, but also in the use and operation of its outstanding advantages.Textile digital ink jet printing technology has the advantages of high definition of printing patterns, small footprint, no sewage discharge, as well as the realization of single production, etc., which is known as the key technology of the 21st century textile industrial revolution, digital ink jet printing nano-pigment ink has come out.

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