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Ink industry market development status

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Ink industry market development status

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With the rapid development of China's national economy, the prosperity of the printing and packaging industry has led to the rapid growth of the ink manufacturing industry, which has made China rapidly rise to become one of the world's ink manufacturing powers in the recent decades. At present, the scale of the domestic ink industry is growing at a rate of more than 10%.China water-based printing ink development to today, the amount of solvent ink is slowly reduced, offset printing ink basically remained stable, UV series products and water-based ink is on the rise, and the most obvious increase is the UV ink series.This is mainly reflected in the UV ink printing grade is higher, and the choice of equipment is larger;It can be offset printing, gravure printing, screen printing, flexo printing and other equipment printing.And water-based ink can only be printed in flexo or gravure, because water-based products also need to import high-grade equipment to print out fine effect, and expensive, this is not the general printing plant can bear, so the current market of water-based ink is still basically in the middle and low end of the carton.Gravure water-based plastic composite ink industry is an important part of China's light industry, is one of the important industries of the national economy, in the economic and social development plays a role that can not be ignored.

Gravure water - based plastic compound ink

Since 2010, China's printing industry has entered the era of low profit. The reshuffle of the industry will shift the center of the printing industry from the eastern coastal cities to the northwest.Under the new round of reshuffle, will appear some kind of competitive, very skillful, industry concentration of high-quality companies, printing companies will appear a series of large enterprise collectivization and industry cluster, so the enterprise restructuring and mergers and acquisitions in the future, seize the must always grasp the industry artery, grasp the latest technology.The rapid development of packaging industry in China in the past decade has greatly expanded the ink industry in China. Ten years ago, offset printing inks were the main printing inks in every printing factory, but now it has extended to the coexistence of solvent ink, water-based ink, UV ink, screen printing ink and offset printing ink.With the development of the packaging industry, ink technology will continue to promote the rapid development of ink, ink consumption will continue to improve, ink production will continue to improve.

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