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Ink development and its environmental requirements!

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Ink development and its environmental requirements!

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With the steady development of our offset printing market, offset printing ink has also been developed quickly, its quality level is basically close to or reached the international advanced level.According to incomplete statistics, shenzhen printing recruitment in the past two years, offset printing ink in China's ink market share rose to 50% ~ 60%, still the dominant position, and this proportion in the future for a long time will not be much change.

The offsctdruckereien market puts forward the new request to the waterborne printing ink

At present, printing, publishing and packaging are gradually developing towards the direction of individuation, diversification and gentrification.The emergence of high - speed, multi - color, low - pollution, high - efficiency printing equipment, also put forward new requirements for ink manufacturers.Offset printing inks produced by ink manufacturers to adapt to high-speed printing, short version of live parts, integrated automation requirements, must have the following properties.

(1) high-speed adaptability: it can adapt to the printing speed of over 14,000 sheets/hour.

(2) quick drying performance: short version live parts due to the short production cycle, the printing needs to immediately enter the next process four-color printing machine, such as glazing, laminating or die-cutting, so the ink can be required to quickly dry, in order to facilitate the smooth processing.

(3) good water resistance, ink fast balance.

(4) stability in the printing process: ink transfer rate, dot increase rate does not change with the change of speed, time, temperature.

(5) the packaging is convenient for the printing plant to use: vacuum tank, suitable for plunger tank, drum and can of automatic ink supply system.

(6) the ink has generality.

Gravure water - based plastic table printing ink

Environmental requirements

With the development of the economy label exhibition, the voice of environmental protection is more and more high, the printing industry on offset printing ink in non-toxic, pollution-free aspects of the new requirements, environmental offset printing ink by users widely concerned and began to be used in packaging, newspapers, commercial printing.Environmental offset printing ink in the United States, Japan and other countries has been a large-scale application of Hualien printing, but in the domestic application of gravure water-based paper ink is still quite small, which has technical factors, but the main reason is the lack of understanding.Environmental offset printing ink is mainly non - aromatic soybean ink.PAH(polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons), a component of traditional ink, is a volatile solvent used to print films and is hazardous to human health.Volatile organic compounds (vocs) not only increase air pollution, but also cause harm to human body.Offsctdruckereien soybean ink USES the soybean environmental protection material to replace the partial petroleum solvent, may reduce to the environment pollution and the human body's harm.Domestic offset printing ink market, with the development of China's printing industry Shanghai printing quotation, the pace of development of the domestic ink industry is also accelerating.As the installation of a large number of imported and domestic high-speed offset press and put into production, the adoption of new type of substrates and the special requirements of the new technology of printing and postpress, ink manufacturers rely on scientific and technological progress hong bo printing, constantly develop marketable new products, improve old products, product varieties increasingly abundant journal publishing, product quality also gradually close to international advanced level.The ink production equipment renewal and the production technology enhancement, also gradually has received each ink manufacturer's attention.Over the past 10 years, the major domestic ink manufacturers in tianjin, Shanghai, hangzhou, shenzhen, taiyuan and other places have paid attention to the collection of market information printing materials, and constantly developed new offset printing ink products to meet the market demand, such as bright fast drying ink, card ink.

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