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What are the main components of ink?

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What are the main components of ink?

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Including pigments and dyes, pigments are divided into organic pigments and inorganic pigments, the former has bright colors, strong coloring power, short drying time, so it is widely used in the ink, such as azo, phthalocyanin pigments;The latter light resistance, heat resistance, solvent resistance, concealment force are good, such as titanium white, cadmium red, chrome green, such as cyan.Pigment is the most commonly used color in waterborne printing inks.But the dye in the use of solution, molecular coloring, the effect is not as good as pigment.Pigment can give ink with different color and color concentration, and make the ink has a certain consistency and drying.

Connection material

Is one of the main components of ink, from the dispersion of color and auxiliary media, is a small amount of natural resin, synthetic resin, cellulose, rubber derivatives and other soluble in dry oil or solvents.There is a certain fluidity, so that the ink after printing to form a uniform thin layer, dry after the formation of a film with a certain strength, and play a protective role on the pigment, so that it is difficult to fall off.

Linker on the ink transfer, brightness, fixation speed and other printing suitability and printing effect has a great impact, therefore, the choice of suitable linker is one of the keys to ensure a good printing, according to the packaging materials, printing requirements, and so on, at any time to adjust the composition and proportion of linker.

Gravure water - based plastic table printing ink

Auxiliary components


It is a regulation of the ink concentration of additives, but also can increase the thickness of the ink film, improve its wear resistance, it does not have tinting and hiding power.There are mainly barium sulfate, talc, calcium carbonate, aluminum hydroxide, etc., when the use of grinding into white powder.


Its role is to reduce the viscosity of the ink, prevent the peeling of the film, so that the ink is suitable for operation.Commonly used diluents are low polymerized linseed oil, mineral oil, etc.The former easy to mix with ink, soft effect;The latter dilution effect is obvious, but avoid excessive, otherwise the printing effect is not good.

The skinning agent

Its role is to inhibit the ink drying speed, prevent ink in mechanical drying conjunctiva.Its main components are organic reductants and antioxidants.It can be added to gravure water-based paper ink, can also be distributed on the contact ink machinery.

Gravure water-based paper ink

Defence of the India agent

Its function is to prevent the printing ink layer back to the back of the paper to ensure printing quality.The most commonly used anti - printing agent is corn starch.

A slip agent

Its role is to improve the ink friction resistance and fluidity, reduce viscosity, improve the film finish, reduce the paper.Commonly used in ink with high melting point of microcrystalline wax, synthetic wax.

Other additives

There are many other additives, such as dispersant, wetting agent, desiccant, stabilizer.

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