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The introduction of ink and its development history

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The introduction of ink and its development history

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Ink, printing ink is an important material for printing, which presents patterns and words on the substrate through printing or inkjet printing.Water-based printing inks consist of main and auxiliary components, which are uniformly mixed and repeatedly rolled to form a viscous colloidal fluid.By the linker (resin), pigments, fillers, additives and solvents, etc.Used for printing books and periodicals, packaging and decoration, building decoration and electronic circuit board, etc.With the increase in social demand, ink varieties and output also expand and grow accordingly.

The history of

As one of the material basis of printing, ink appeared 2,000 years ago. It is recognized internationally that China was the first country to use ink in ancient civilization. As early as the western han dynasty (200 BC), ink was used.

Gravure water-based paper ink

Around 1000 AD, bi sheng in the northern song dynasty invented movable type printing, which greatly improved the printing efficiency.In order to further improve production efficiency and reduce costs, shorten the engraving cycle, some places began to use cork engraving, this engraving is easy to make, fast book, low cost.In addition to the development of printing technology in anhui and jiangxi, fujian and zhejiang also became printing areas.The Ming dynasty was a period of cultural prosperity in the late feudal society of China, and also a period of the development of printing.From the perspective of printing technology, the development of the Ming dynasty has the following characteristics:

(1) has developed multi-color registration technology;

(2) ink technology and great progress;

(3) the use of printing technology to further expand, books and periodicals, newspapers, advertising, letter paper are famous Ming dynasty printed matter;

(4) movable type printing book also has a great development;

(5) thread-bound books are widely used.

In the 15th century, Gutenberg in Germany invented the lead-alloy type printing, and the gravure water-based plastic table printing ink was improved. The ink of the time was made by using lamp black as the pigment and linseed oil as the linker, which was mixed evenly by hand.But until the middle of the 19th century, science, especially chemical progress, so that coal tar dyes and the development of color science, ink manufacturers according to the needs of users for users with different hue, lightness, unsaturation of a variety of colors.Ink production has entered a new stage of development.

Gravure water - based plastic table printing ink

Introduction to the

Ink should have a certain fluidity, and meet the requirements of the nature of the printing process, to be able to quickly dry on the printing products, dry ink film should have the corresponding resistance to water, acid, alkali, light, rub, wear resistance and other resistance.

The liquid component of the ink component is called linker;Solid components for the color (pigment or dye) and a variety of additives.

For ink, color, body (usually thin consistency, fluidity and other ink rheological properties known as the body of ink) and drying ink ink three of the most important properties, but also the development of ink formula and process and production of ink should pay attention to;In the printing on the printing film should have a certain resistance to make the printing has practical use.Master the allocation of spot color ink, ink dosage control, the full use of remaining ink, not only can save materials, and personal quality, technical level will have a corresponding improvement.An excellent ink, new ink development, color innovation, ink cost reduction plays a very important role.

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