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The use of water-based ink range and skills

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The use of water-based ink range and skills

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Application range of water-based printing ink:

It is better to add dispersant and wetting agent in the process of producing color paste.General ink fineness requirements in 101 m ~ 25 m between the best, too fine or too large water ink

Will affect the fluidity and rheology of ink.Viscosity refers to the consistency of ink, is an indicator of ink flow.Excessive viscosity will result in poor liquidity and slow drying;Viscosity low ink mobility, fast drying, thin ink layer, less ink.If the ink viscosity is low, then the toner content requirements to be high;Conversely, the toner content is low.Because viscosity directly affects the ink transfer and print quality, for this reason, the ink viscosity control is very important.In the printing process, the viscosity is too low will cause light color, high viscosity will cause dirty version, paste version and so on, so when it is difficult to control please add transfer agent, can improve the transfer effect, increase the color and three-dimensional sense.

Gravure water - based plastic table printing ink

Use skills

1.Do not mix ink with solvent ink.In the use of appropriate water, really need to adjust the viscosity or drying speed, an appropriate amount of alcohol or esters and other additives.

2.Before use should stir evenly and then into the ink tank, water appropriate viscosity adjustment, can be used.Unused should cover the barrel, do not let the ink in nature volatile.

3.Before use, all technical indicators should be tested, especially whether the hue is in line with their own requirements. If the hue deviation is large, please inform the ink manufacturer for proper deployment, so as to avoid disputes caused by the hue error.

4.During the printing process, the original viscosity and PH value of the ink will be affected due to the evaporation of water. The viscosity and PH value need to be tested frequently. When necessary, pure tap water or PH stabilizer should be added appropriately.

5.The ink left on the printing equipment after printing should be rinsed with water, and the ink on the roller of the printing machine should be rinsed with detergent in order to serve the next printing.Out of the water-based ink use errors and not all water-based ink users understand the principle of viscosity, a lot of people will have such a misunderstanding, that ink viscosity is a good gravure water-based paper ink.Can add a lot of water, printing more cartons, reduce costs, improve efficiency.In fact, not according to the performance of production equipment, blindly buy high-grade ink, think that with high-grade ink can print good quality prints, this is very unrealistic, unscientific.The most simple test standard of high-grade ink is the existence of color, but that does not lose color ink is high-grade, or that high-grade ink is not lost color, is not particularly accurate.

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Contact : Mr. Tan  13631486571

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Website : en.kzinks.com

Address:No.2, keji 2nd road, xingtan industrial zone, 

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