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Water-based ink environmental protection index

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Water-based ink environmental protection index

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Environmental protection index

Water-based printing inks and solvent inks, its environmental performance is a step forward.It not only does not contain aromatic hydrocarbon solvent, and VOC also reduced greatly, but still cannot achieve 0 content, still contain a few alcohol, ether, even organic amine kind.It has less impact on the environment, mainly due to air pollution in the workshop.

Water - based ink commonly used additives are :pH value stabilizer, defoaming agent, fast drying agent and slow drying agent.

PET dumb light oil

PH stabilizer

PH stabilizer is mainly used to adjust the alcohol - soluble composite ink pH.The problem of ink pH value, through the ink manufacturers to promote ink products to printing enterprises is often mentioned, low pH is easy to cause ink agglomeration, high pH, its viscosity is relatively low.In general, the pH value of ink should be detected during printing. When the pH value is lower than 8, an appropriate amount of pH stabilizer should be added to keep the ink in a good printing state.European countries water-based ink pH value is neutral as the standard, the pH adjustment at 8.5, its liquidity, glossiness, achieve the best condition, but in the process of printing (1 hour) due to the volatile amine solvent, ink viscosity will be increased quickly, gloss, liquidity, that there will be a lot of unqualified products, such as adjusting the pH value, need to join the amine solvents, and in the process of printing (1 hour) to be continuously testing (acidity meter), a bit inadvertent, waste will appear, and the workshop is full of bad smell, so that products in the printing eligibility is regarded as bad,If the pH value of ink between 7 and 8, ink stability is the best, users can add pure water as a solvent to reduce viscosity, this will not increase the cost, but also make the ink resin taste reduced.

Alcohol - soluble composite ink

Defoaming agent

Ink viscosity is too high, pH value is low, printing speed is fast and printing technicians add too much water, are prone to bubble.When the bubble is large, there will be the phenomenon of white print and less ink, which will seriously affect the printing quality.Generally, it is recommended to add antifoaming agent and surface defoaming agent to the ink to solve the foaming phenomenon.

Quick drying agent

Ink in the process of use due to the ink manufacturers choose different resin or machine speed too fast, may cause the ink drying rate is slow.Speed up the drying agent can adjust the ink drying speed to meet the requirements of the printing machine speed, improve the production efficiency, the use ratio of 2 ~ 3%.

Slow dry agent

Slow drying agent can inhibit and slow down the ink drying speed, play a role in moisturizing, prevent the ink on the plate or roller drying, reduce blocking and paste plate printing fault, the use ratio of 1 ~ 2%.

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Contact : Mr. Tan  13631486571

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Website : en.kzinks.com

Address:No.2, keji 2nd road, xingtan industrial zone, 

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