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The advantages of water - based ink performance

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The advantages of water - based ink performance

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Advantages of water-based ink

Due to the use of water as a dissolved carrier, water-based ink has significant environmental protection and safety characteristics: safe, non-toxic and harmless, non-flammable and non-explosive, almost no volatile organic gas generation, mainly in the following three aspects.

No pollution to the environment

VOC(volatile organic gas) is recognized as one of the major sources of air pollution in the world today. Solvent based inks emit a large number of low concentration VOC.So it emits almost no volatile organic gases (vocs) to the atmosphere, either in its production process or when it is used in printing.This is the solvent - based inks incomparable.Solvent - based inks emit a lot of low - concentration VOC during production.According to the estimates, the general solvent - based ink manufacturing plant if not completely sealed production equipment, the loss of volatile organic solvents accounted for about 0.3% ~ 1%.For the treatment of low concentration VOC, except for a few PET matte oil factories to adopt high cost treatment methods such as activated carbon adsorption.Most go straight into the atmosphere at high altitude.Not only that, in the printing process, solvent - based inks in organic solvents are almost completely dry and quickly volatilized.In addition to the printing press at the top of the high concentration of VOC used as catalytic combustion or microbial treatment technology, diffuse in the printing workshop low VOC concentration in the air is often directly discharged into the atmosphere, if according to the proportion of organic solvent in solvent ink is 25% ~ 35%, the number of VOC directly discharged into the atmosphere environment is quite amazing.And water-based ink just to overcome this shortcoming.This unique characteristic of no pollution to the atmosphere environment is being valued by more and more printing enterprises.

Alcohol - soluble composite ink

Reduce residual poisons

Ensure food hygiene and safety.Water - based ink completely solved the toxicity of solvent - based ink.The absence of organic solvents greatly reduced the residual toxic substances on the surface of printed matter.This property.In tobacco, wine, food, beverages, drugs, children's toys and other health conditions in the strict requirements of the packaging and printing products more reflects the good health and safety.Nowadays, people attach more and more importance to food safety.Attention has been paid to the health and safety of food packaging.Packaging materials and packaging printing of hazardous substances residue is also strictly required.It is very difficult to achieve the requirement of food hygiene and safety for printed matter with solvent - based inks.This for the use of water-based ink printed matter.It's a piece of cake.

Reduce consumption and costs

Due to the inherent characteristics of water - based ink - isomorph content is higher.Can be deposited in thinner ink film.So relative to solvent - based inks.Its coating amount (unit printing area consumed by the amount of ink) is less.It's been tested.Compared to solvent based inks.Reduced the coating amount by about 10%.That is, prints of the same quantity and size.Water - based ink consumption than solvent - based ink reduced by about 10%.Not only that, because of the need to often clean printing plate.So solvent based inks are used.Need to use a lot of organic solvent cleaning solution, and the use of water-based ink printing.The cleaning medium is mainly water.In terms of resource consumption.Water-based ink is more economical.It is in line with the theme of the conservation-oriented society advocated in today's world.

Using water-based printing inks, first it does not need to use any organic solvent dilution, just water can be.Printing industry often say "how many solvents can be added", such as in the ink to add 30%-50% of the solvent, and mistakenly think that the more solvents, the better, so the lower the cost.In fact, the addition of 30%-50% of the solvent is added throughout the printing process, which is due to the volatile solvent caused by the ink viscosity change.The faster printing speed required to allocate the diluent volatile will be faster, add the number of solvent, the more it is to constantly increase the cost of printing, so not 10 kg ink to join 5 kg solvent after printing, in printing ink industry standards, ink color high concentration, low viscosity (with the exception of wire mesh, etc.) is a good integration of alcohol soluble compound ink.This is related to the ink manufacturers selected raw materials, such as the size of the molecular weight of resin, formula, production process.Solvent content in the process of printing in addition to the enclosed printing workshop, the rest will change due to the factors such as temperature, wind, adding diluent only as ink to reduce ink viscosity, make it suitable for printing, such as excessive to join, ink color concentration decreases, connected to the material weight reduced at the same time, this is not a good product.So, water-based ink only add pure water, and is a one-time addition (prepress).In the printing process, it will not cause the change of color because of viscosity, not like ink, because the printing process need to add diluent generated waste, which greatly improves the printing quality of the qualified rate, saving the cost of solvents, reduce the appearance of waste is one of the cost advantages of water-based ink.

Printing industry procurement of ink, part of the enterprise only look at the surface price, will not consider other aspects.Such as white ink, look at the surface of the unit price is relatively cheap, but need to be used in printing over 40 mu deep or plate to printing, some even use 60 mu deep plate, this is mainly because after using below 35 mu or plate printing, printing quality of hiding power is not enough, white degree is not enough, so only in a plate, plate deep will ink layer thickness, printing speed is slow, it is not just production, will also multiply the cost, such as per KG ink printing area is greatly reduced, with the printing area, 18 yuan/KG white ink and thinner because of its less printing area, so it will multiply, the cost of using deep printing,Only suitable for printing by weight delivery of the enterprise.

Ester - soluble polyurethane compound ink

The use of water-based ink printing first hardware, such as good drying equipment, shallow version.Water-based inks are printed in shallow plates, avoiding the appearance of water ripples, improving the printing speed and, more importantly, increasing the printing area. For example, white ink with 25 deep plates, the printing area can be up to 180-200 square meters.Printing with ink requires 40 or more plate printing, printing area of only about 100 square meters.A medium-sized printing enterprise, for example, 10 tons of ink per month, to complete the same amount of printing, using water-based ink to print only need to use 5.5-6.5 tons.With intermediate compound ink to compare, for example, five primary colors the average unit price is 25 yuan/KG, 10 tons of ink per month is 250000 yuan, plus 30% of the solvent, average price is 8 yuan/KG, which is 3 tons of solvent was 24000 yuan, is equal to the $274000 worth of material to do the printing quantity, amount and the same printing using water-based ink printing, only 6 tons, the average price of water-based ink is 30 yuan/KG, also is in 180000 yuan of amount of material to complete the same printing, printing enterprise can save material of 1 million yuan a year, that is what people often say that the amount of ink consumption,From the above comparison is not difficult to see the size of the ink consumption is crucial.Comprehensive calculation of the finished products, can make the enterprise to create greater economic benefits.

Water-based ink production and printing ink is different, so its sales mode is also different, sales is finished the ink, if the ink color saturation is not enough, only deep version to adapt to, this not only time-consuming, also increases the consumption of ink, and water-based ink sales, in addition to the finished ink, printing enterprise can also buy paste to water-based ink manufacturers, at the same time provided by the factory of water-based ink resin suppliers and working procedure of process, after practice with ink, they this approach not only can greatly reduce the cost of finished products of ink, can also according to adjust the categories of printing ink printing order, such as printing in the composite,The remaining water - based ink can be adjusted to table printing ink, gravure table printing can also be adjusted to flexo printing plastic, printing paper.Practice one ink is multi-purpose, reduce the storage in ink, reducing the number of funds, the model for its flexibility and low cost in a foreign country, our country has quite part of the enterprise, this approach has been adopted in this way as the ink unit price about 20% less than the purchase cost of ink, according to the calculation of ink consumption, water-based printing inks for the 150000 yuan can only complete one print volume of 274000 yuan ink.

Waterborne ink printing conditions

Water-based ink printing suitability is affected by the printing conditions, substrate surface characteristics, environmental temperature and humidity, storage time and other objective conditions, so in use, need to use some additives to make small adjustments to the ink to get the best printing effect.In the water-based ink commonly used additives colored materials, pH stabilizer, slow-drying agent, defoaming agent, diluent, etc., printing to be familiar with the characteristics and use of additives.

1) color used to deepen the color, the amount of the general should be controlled in 0 ~ 30%, more than 30% will make the ink connection material content is too low, resulting in its adhesion and wear resistance decline.

2) pH stabilizer is used to adjust and control the pH value of water-based ink, making it stable in 8.0 ~ 9.5, to ensure the printing state of water-based ink.At the same time, it can also adjust the water - based ink viscosity, and ink dilution.

3) slow drying agent is used to reduce the drying degree of ink, slow drying agent can inhibit and slow down the drying speed of water-based ink, prevent ink drying on the plate, reduce blocking and paste plate printing faults.The amount of slow-drying agent should generally be controlled in the total amount of ink 0 ~ 10%, if too much, ink drying is not complete, printed matter will stick dirty or odor.

4) water-based ink diluent is mainly used to reduce the depth of color, the amount is not limited.But adding a large number of diluent may lead to a slight increase in ink viscosity, at this time can be adjusted by adding a small amount of diluent.

5) dilution is mainly used to reduce the viscosity of ink, the dosage should be controlled within 3%, so as not to reduce the color depth of ink, and can keep the pH value of ink unchanged.The thinner should be added slowly while stirring to prevent too low viscosity.If add more thinner or use high hardness of tap water dilution will produce bubbles, then add defoamer.

6) the main reason for the use of water-based ink foam problems is that the water as a thinner [2], in the emulsion polymerization must use a certain number of emulsifiers, so that the emulsion system surface tension greatly reduced.

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