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Water - based ink process and technical indicators

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Water - based ink process and technical indicators

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The production process

Grinding paste

The water-soluble resin, pigment, auxiliary agent and solvent (water) are mixed, then mixed and ground into reserve color paste by high-speed dispersing machine.

Preparation of ink

The reserve color paste, additives and solvents (water), such as mixing evenly, through grinding dispersion, so that it has enough fineness, luster and coloring power, filter packaging is water-based ink products.

Above all, we choose different types and varieties of water-soluble acrylic resin, through the contrast test to screen the pigments and additives, water-based printing inks and, with acrylic ester emulsion to join the crosslinking agent, the optimal formula through orthogonal test, the developed into water-based ink products, after the unit testing using, prove the indicators have reached advanced level of similar products at home and abroad, the unit using the consistent high praise.

No corona BOPP matte oil

Main technical indicators

Color: similar to the standard version (note: test samples and standard samples are closely related to the use of manual color wheel color contrast);

(2) fineness: less than 20um, instrument: 0 ~ 50um scraper fineness meter;

(3) viscosity: 20 + 5 s, equipment: RIGOSHA4 # cup (25 ℃);

(4) PH value: 8.0 ~ 9.5 instrument: portable PH meter (PHB -- 2 type);

(5) heavy metal content: in line with the world green packaging environmental standards;

Patience: meet the requirements.

PET dumb light oil

Use requirement

(1) before use must be fully stirred, keep the alcohol solution integration of composite ink components uniform;

(2) open after the use of ink should be immediately sealed, to prevent dust fall and crust dry solid;

(3) if the ink contains impurities should be filtered first, with new ink used together;

(4) during the storage period, please avoid close to high temperature or hot sun exposure, under normal conditions are stored for a year without deterioration;

(5) if the application of ink viscosity found slightly larger, can add the right amount of water for adjustment.

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Contact : Mr. Tan  13631486571

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Website : en.kzinks.com

Address:No.2, keji 2nd road, xingtan industrial zone, 

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