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Water-based ink main components and its classification

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Water-based ink main components and its classification

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Water-based ink

Water-based ink is referred to as Water ink for short, flexible version of Water ink is also called liquid ink, it is mainly made of water-soluble resin, organic pigments, solvents and related additives through compound grinding and processing.The water-based ink is especially suitable for the packaging and printing products with strict requirements for hygienic conditions such as tobacco, wine, food, beverage, medicine and children's toys.

Main ingredients

Water-based printing ink is a uniform slurry composed of binders, pigments, additives and other substances.Binders provide the necessary transfer properties of ink, pigment to give ink color.Water-based ink binders are mainly divided into two types: water dilution and water dispersion.The former can be used in a variety of resin types, such as maleic acid resin, lac, modified shellac maleic acid resin, ulatan, water-soluble acrylic resin and water-based amino resin.Water-dispersed binder is obtained by polymerization of emulsified monomer in water. It is a two-phase system, in which the oil phase is dispersed in the water phase in granular form. Although it cannot be dissolved by water, it can be diluted by water.

Gravure water - based plastic table printing ink


Classification of inks modern inks are divided into four main types by type:

Letterpress ink

Ink used for printing books, newspapers, picture albums, receipts, account books, etc.The main feature of letterpress printing is that the inked part of the printing plate protrudes from the non-inked part.Letterpress inks are divided into letterpress inks, copperplate inks, letterpress rotary inks and flexible letterpress inks according to the types of printing presses and the USES of printed products.

(2) lithographic ink

A type of ink suitable for lithography.The layout of lithography is basically in a plane, where the hydrophilic, non-hydrophilic, using the principle of oil-water repellent for printing, lithography ink must have water resistance.According to the process is divided into offset printing ink, web offset printing ink, offset printing ink, flat offset printing ink, anhydrous offset printing ink, printing iron ink, lithographic ink, ke?Printing inks.

Gravure ink

A type of ink suitable for gravure printing.During printing, the inking of the inked part of the page is carried out, and then the inking of the non-inked part is erased or scraped clean, and then the printing is carried out.There are gravure ink and gravure gravure ink.

(4) screen printing ink

Gravure water - based plastic compound ink that is printed through a printing plate through a mesh hole.Mesh printing ink is divided into transcribed ink and screen printing ink.

Water-soluble resin water-soluble resin or water-dispersed resin are water-based ink binder, it on the ink viscosity, adhesion, gloss, drying and printing adaptability have a great impact.Water-based ink is made up of aqueous polymer emulsion, organic pigment, resin, surfactant and related additives by chemical process and physical mixture of water-based printing inks, since it is water instead of traditional ink accounted for 30% ~ 70% of the toxic organic solvent, not contain volatile organic solvents in the ink, therefore, in the printing process had no adverse effect on health of workers, the atmospheric environment is free from contamination, also eliminates the hidden danger of flammable and explosive workplace improves security.At the same time, in contrast, the use of water-based inks than solvent inks use cost savings of about 30%.This unique advantage of ink in line with the increasingly stringent environmental regulations, more and more packaging and printing industry in the world's favor, and gradually to the newspaper printing industry rapidly expanding.

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